A Correlational Model of Rape Myth Acceptance and Psychosocial Factors Among Medical School Students

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A substantial body of medical literature suggests that different types of persons blame rape victim for the fate. Although rape myth acceptance can be a product of personal psychosocial factors, it is also a response to messages from social, family, media, and groups that propagate the legitimacy of such myths. We aimed to evaluate whether personal variables such as depression, drug use, being non-heteronormative, and inconsistent condom use could act as supportive factors for rape myth acceptance. This cross-sectional study used questions and validated instruments assessing sociodemographic characteristics, depression, drug use, and rape myth acceptance to perform a correlational model. A total of 269 medical students aged 18 and above, from the first through the sixth year at a medical school, were randomly selected and recruited for the study. Being male and using drugs significantly supported myth rape acceptance; in contrast, higher depression levels, being non-heteronormative, and a history of being sexually abused in childhood did not support these rape myths. What holds promise for the future, however, is that although we still live in a patriarchal society, university students can be encouraged to question their personal and sexual roles, and recreate our culture.

Danilo Antonio Baltieri, Fatima Elisa D’Ippolito Alcocer, Luiz Carlos de Abreu

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